SEXUALITY ARTICLES - 14 of July , 2006

"Sexual Menu": A new treatment based on "thinking about sex", for women with (Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder) HSDD.
Author: Dr. Jaqueline Brendler


I suggest that the one basic reason for HSDD is the lack of identity with the role as a "sexual woman". Based on this new etiology, in women with no other sexual dysfunction, apart from desire, new treatments that deal with this theory are necessary. In order to identify herself with the role of "sexual woman," a reevaluation of sexuality would be necessary with the help of a psychotherapy, the proposed "sexual menu" already being treated as homework. We know that the first and most important experience of desire that women have is through touch (hugs, kisses) and foreplay (erotic caresses), but nevertheless, it would be impossible to use this kind of approach in the case of a woman with HSDD. Desire, when motivated by "thinking about sex", even though it is less commonly known amongst women, can be easily learnt, far away from the pressures of the sexual act itself.


To propose a new treatment for HSDD based on "thinking about sex" through the creation of a "sexual menu", a "repertoire of erotic scenes", using the cognitive behavioral angle.

Materials and Methods:

We propose the creation or reestablishment of desire using our thinking (fantasy). A list of films is suggested, with two or three sex scenes and/or a list of books, which have some erotic content. All of her feelings, conflicts, difficulties and progress will be discussed during therapy.

Stage 1: The woman is shown how to use the material alone and to take note of what she enjoyed, creating her own "sexual menu".

Stage 2: She returns to her "sexual menu" and watches/reads it again repeatedly.

Stage 3: She thinks, several times, about the erotic scenes chosen from her menu.

Observed conclusions:

In thinking repetitively about this sexual menu, the woman becomes more receptive to her partner, as well as creating sexual opportunities more often, being motivated by "mental erotica".

Book of Abstracts of XVII World Congress of Sexology , 10-15 July, 2005, Montreal , Canada, page 49 ( N° 311.9).

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