SEXUALITY ARTICLES - 14 of July , 2006

Author: Dr. Jaqueline Brendler


The psychological etiologies presented until now, regarding HSDD, do not apply to a large number of women that receive sexual therapy.


To propose the theory for these women that, in the absence of other sexual disorders, other than desire, the basic reason for HSDD is the lack of a female identity as a "sexual woman".


Theory: What dreams did women hold for their future? What did their culture and their family home instill in them as "respective"? Motherhood, profession and love continue to be over-valued in girls´ education. Sexuality continues to be marginalized and associated with negative sentiments. Under these circumstances, it is difficult for a girl to identify herself as an "erotic woman", in the way that she identifies herself as a mother or as a professional. During the passion phase, they manage to overcome all of the repressive education that was imposed upon them, and as a consequence, the amount of sexual desire is increased, whether they want to be identified as the "female" or not. In a long-term relationship, the woman carries out with ease the basic internalized roles, and in a situation where the identity of the "sexual woman" is inexistent, HSDD starts to appear.


The role of the "sexual woman" needs to be valorized in the same way as the other female roles.

The lack of sexual identity is an etiological factor for Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder, in women who have no other sexual disorder, other than desire. Based on this new etiology, in women with no other sexual dysfunction, apart from desire, new treatments that deal with this theory are necessary.

Book of Abstracts of XVII World Congress of Sexology , 10-15 July, 2005, Montreal , Canada, page 41 ( N° 311.13) .

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