SEXUALITY ARTICLES - 14 of July , 2006

Author: Dr. Jaqueline Brendler

INTRODUCTION: Little research exists in Brazil about homoerotic relationships and fantasies, due to significant discrimination and prejudice.

OBJECTIVE: To analyze the profile of male respondents, their relationships and sexual fantasies during the last 12 months.

METHODS AND MATERIALS: The survey consists of 20 questions, which were spontaneously answered via the President of SBRASH's website ( The results of the first sample during the last 12 months are shown in this document.


The average age of respondents was 28 years and 8 months.

In the 51 of them, the average age at which attraction to the same sex was perceived was 14 years and 2 months.

33.33 % had a university degree, 21.33 % had finished the second grade,17.33. % were currently university students. 44.15 % were working,33.76 % were both working and studying.

65.21 % said that their actual partner was unaware of their homosexual fantasies.

The experiences of 47.5% were exclusively related to the same sex, this being the most frequent response: 17.50 % were only sexually involved, 11.25% experienced recurring sexual fantasies only, 10% were only emotionally involved and 5 % were both emotionally and sexually involved.

30% were involved with members of both sexes. 6.25 % of those had recurring sexual fantasies with both sexes, 6.25% were sexually involved and had sexual fantasies about both sexes, as well as emotional involvement with the opposite sex. 3,75% were sexually and emotionally involved with the opposite sex as well as having recurring sexual fantasies about both sexes.

Only 18.75% were involved exclusively with the opposite sex.

CONCLUSION: During the last 12 months, the most frequent experiences of the male respondents were exclusively related to the same sex. The second most frequent group showed mixed activity (involvement with both sexes), and thirdly, the least common, exclusive relations with the opposite sex.

Book of Abstracts of XVII World Congress of Sexology , 10-15 July, 2005, Montreal , Canada, page 253-4 ( N° 911.16 ) .

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