Author: Dr. Jaqueline Brendler. Vice-president of SBRASH.

OBJETIVE: To research feelings in relation to lovers in 11% of women who have been unfaithful in a population of 200 consecutively dysfunctional women.

RESULTS: The average age at the outset of sex therapy was 34 years . Some type of orgasm disorder was diagnosed in 68.18% and hypoactive sexual desire in 31.82%. The average duration of the official relationship was 11 years and of the infidelity, 10 months. The women disclosed that their sexual dysfunction persisted in the relationship with their lovers in 63.64%. They related, in 72.72% that the affairs had been long-term, of these 86.36% mentioned only one lover , 9.09% two lovers and 4.55% three lovers. 22.72% spoke of having had an affair of long duration and also affairs of shorter duration. 59.09% mentioned that the feeling in relation to the lover was passion, attraction and sexual desire in 18.18%; 9.09% of them said that they felt attraction and wanted to make a "test" and in others there was an obsession which predominated; 4.55% spoke of curiosity and attraction. The lovers were sexually healthy in 86.36% and the official partner in 59.09%.

CONCLUSIONS: The majority of unfaithful women in this sample, despite of their sexual involvement , also had an involvement of affection with their lover as passion was disclosed by 59.09% of them.

Published by Abstracts book of 15th World Congress of Sexology, june 24-28, page 27, 2001, Paris.

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