Author: Dr. Jaqueline Brendler. Vice-president of SBRASH.

OBJETIVE: Describe female sexuality in 11% of women who has been unfaithful in a sample of 200 consecutively dysfunctional women.

RESULTS: The average age was 34 years; the first sexual experience , 18 years. The sexual dysfunction which led to the treatment was hypoactive sexual desire and situational orgasmic disorder in 31.82%; primary orgasmic disorder in 27.27%, secondary and coital orgasmic disorder in 4.55%. The official partner, in 59.09% was not sexually dysfunctional, neither the lover in 86.36%. The average duration of marriage was 11 years and the infidelity was 10 months. They disclosed that the sexual dysfunction persisted with the lovers in 63.64% and the women became sexually healthy in 36.06% of the cases. The official partner in 63.64% didn't know about the infidelity. The couples relationship was in conflict in 86.6% before the betrayal and the unfaithfulness, in 61.11%, only worsened this situation.

CONCLUSIONS: As in 63.64% of these women the sexual dysfunction continued with the lovers, the personal factors involved revealed themselves as more important in the continuation of the sexual dysfunction than the interpersonal factors. Although the variables deserve to be studied as they could have motivated, in 36.36% of the women, a satisfactory sexuality with the lovers.

Published in Abstracts Book of 15th World Congress of Sexology, june 24-28, page 27, 2001, Paris.

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